Grand Canyon

Adventures in a Natural Wonder of the World

2021 August: The Phantom Ranch Lottery

An epic adventure is planned on August 22-24. 2021 takes the sisters and their group of friends down North Kaibab Trail to Phantom Ranch. Phantom Ranch, located in the bottom of the Grand Canyon, is room & board for two nights. Ascent out of the Grand Canyon on Bright Angel Trail is a “bright” and early morning.

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2017 October: The Year the Sisters were Sick

The Grand Canyon Rim To Rim always presents challenges. This year would prove to be challenging physically. The sisters 👧👧🏻 had a family emergency that left them without sleep 💤 the night before the hike so exhaustion was at the start-line. One sister👧🏻 hiked with a toothache 🦷 the other sister 👧 encountered the “curse of the lemonade” 🍋 causing a PH balance problem. Among the team there were assorted blisters, back and knee aches and hamstring pulls. The team spent almost 15 hours in the Grand Canyon before they emerged safely on the South Rim.

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2015 May: The Return to R2R

The bus 🚌 group tour was stopped by the authorities after the 2013 R2R run. Organizing this hike 🥾 is difficult so it took the sisters 👧👧🏻 a year to figure out how to do it on their own (without an organized tour). A driver 🚐 is the most difficult logistic; but, when a family member is willing to sacrifice their time then the R2R becomes doable. THANK YOU AMY! 💞

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2013 October: The Year of the Blister

The stories about the Grand Canyon shared by the sisters 👧👧🏻 fascinated Shadonna’s husband and Staci’s friends. This led to Jason, Scott and Kathy making the 2013 trip through the Grand Canyon. The blistering heat 🌞 and the blistering feet 🦶🏽 are some things this group of hikers 🥾 will never forget!

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2012 October: The Rookie Year

The Grand Canyon Rim To Rim adventures started with Staci’s good friend Mike. Mike and his wife, Jerilyn, had been doing the Rim 2 Rim (R2R) hike 🥾 for many years with a group. A friend and hiker organized bus 🚌 transportation for fellow hikers 🥾🥾 to the Grand Canyon each year. In 2012 Mike and Jerilyn got pregnant and weren’t able to use their R2R tickets. Mike offered 🤝 and sold 💲 the bus 🚌 fare to Staci and thus began the sisters 👧👧🏻 Grand Canyon R2R adventures!

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Sage advice from the sisters (aka lessons learned)...

The sisters 👧👧🏻 were largely unequipped and unprepared for their first R2R crossing. Click the following Hiking Gear links to read the sisters thoughts and recommendations on a variety of the topics based on their experiences.

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