2017 October R2R

The Year the Sisters were Sick

📅 Date

14 October 2017

⏱️ North Rim Start Time

5:09 AM local time

🥾 Hike Time

14 hours 49 minutes

The Grand Canyon Rim To Rim always presents challenges. This year would prove to be challenging physically. One sister with a toothache the other encountered the “curse of the lemonade” causing a PH balance problem. There were assorted blisters, back and knee aches and hamstring pulls. The team spent almost 15 hours in the Grand Canyon before they emerged safely on the South Rim.

Staci wore a GoPro and captured most of the journey on video. Staci's watch was set to kilometers instead of miles so the lap data requires math skills!

Staci wore a GoPro and captured the journey on video

2017 was a mild 🌞 year! The high on the South Rim was 71. This means Phantom Ranch was ~91. The yellow highlight is the hiking time.

YIKES! Got this one collected in kilometers.

Data collected by Staci's Garmin fenix 5X watch. ⌚

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