2021 August

The Phantom Ranch Lottery

Trip Overview

An epic adventure occurs on August 22-24. 2021 takes the sisters πŸ‘§πŸ‘§πŸ», Staci and Shadonna, and their group of friends down the North Rim via North Kaibab Trail to Phantom Ranch for two nights before hiking out via Bright Angel Trail to the South Rim.

The team started a rigorous training plan in early January 2021. Zoom conference calls were held every 3-4 weeks for mentoring and coaching from the sisters regarding the hiking lessons and observations from previous Rim-to-Rim crossings. Practicing certainly doesn't ensure a perfect hike; however, it does ensure less suffering on the hike! πŸ˜‚

The team will leave the North Kaibab Trail trailhead, elevation 8241 feet (2512 meters), at sunrise. πŸŒ„ The team plans to detour from the main trail to visit the glorious Ribbon Falls; however, the bridge to Ribbon Falls collapsed in May 2021 so access may not be possible. 14 miles (22.5 kilometers) into the Grand Canyon corridor they'll arrive at at Phantom Ranch elevation of 2480 feet (756 meters).

Phantom Ranch, located in the bottom of the Grand Canyon, is the location of room & board for two nights. The team will have an opportunity to hike, rest, and play in the cool waters 🌊of Bright Angel Creek in an effort to recover from the first day of hiking.

Ascent to the South Rim out of the Grand Canyon will be via Bright Angel Trail and will start β€œbright” and early πŸ•• in the morning. πŸŒ„ The reason the team will depart Phantom Ranch EARLY in the morning to beat the heat!🌞 The destination is the top of the South Rim around ~10 miles (~16 kilometer) and 7000 feet (2100 meters) up ☝🏽 the Bright Angel Trail! The hikers arrival to the South Rim is expected sometime in the afternoon.

This trek will be a hot πŸ”₯ and potentially monsoonal πŸ’¦! Weather πŸŒžβ›…β˜” forecast click here. The weather station is at the top of South Rim, add +20 degrees for estimated temperature in the bottom at Phantom Ranch. Flash floods are a concern as is lightning ⚑ danger click here to learn more.

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The Grand Canyon Team is thankful for the support of their friends and family AND the team recognizes that while they [the team] are having fun that many family/friends at home are worrying about their safety. The following mechanisms are in place to provide updates on the where-a-bouts by a map and occasional textual information.

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Live map was only available during the hike.

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Staci has limited communication with her Garmin InReach by satellite and will be updating Amy intermittently on August 22 - 24. When Amy receives updates, she'll post the date/time/message on this webpage. The newest updates will be on top.

πŸ’‘ TIP for mobile πŸ“± phone users, tap the status page to open it in Google Docs where you'll be able to zoom in/out!

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Itinerary for the 2021 Grand Canyon Phantom Ranch Adventure

20 August:

  • Each hiker travels to Phoenix, AZ πŸ›«

  • Spend night in hotel 🏨 in Phoenix

21 August:

  • 6:15am leave hotel in Phoenix via 12 passenger van en route to South Rim

    • Each hiker has a mandatory check-in at Bright Angel Travel Desk

  • 11:30 am hikers ride the Trans-Canyon Shuttle for 4.5 hours to the Grand Canyon Lodge on the Grand Canyon North Rim

  • 6:15pm local time dinner at the Grand Canyon Main Lodge Dining Room

    • πŸ’‘ show up to the dining room at 5:45pm so that the staff is aware we are available for seating... dinner on the North Rim EVEN with reservations is challenging and disorganized. πŸ’²πŸ’² BRING CASH πŸ’²πŸ’² to split the bill more easily.

22 August Hike Day 1:

23 August Hike (or rest) Day 2:

24 August Hike Day 3:

25 August:

  • 6:00am leave hotel on South Rim via 12 passenger van en route to Phoenix

  • Each hiker travels to their home! 🏑

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