Hiking Notes

Lessons and Observations Based on Experiences

Nutrition & Hydration

Water 💦 is life! Food calories are energy! Targeted intake is 2400 to replace the calories you burn hiking + 2000 for daily recommendation = 4400 calories. A strategy to regulate food intake is 150-200 per mile traveled.

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Shoes are an important decision when one embarks upon a hike of a meaningful distance. There is more to foot protection than just the tread.

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Backpack & Poles

A proper fitting backpack and trekking poles are hiking essentials!

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Hats and Glasses

The sun 🌞 can be brutal and a hat 👒 has the potential to provide some relief from the sun rays. Sunglasses 👓 also provide protection for the eyes.

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Medical Supplies

Biofreeze, Alka seltzer, Bayer, Ibuprofen, Triple antibiotic ointment, body glide, sunscreen, blister kit (moleskin, bandages)

Survival Supplies

emergency blanket, matches, water filter


headlamp with new batteries, poop bags, wet wipes, Kleenex, extra shoelaces, bandana, Velcro fasteners, InReach GPS system, GoPro. A rain jacket and rain pants

Packing List

The sisters 👧👧🏻 answer the question of "what's in my backpack"