Sisters in India

2020 January

Once upon a time two sisters…

Staci was invited to Arshdeep’s wedding 💒 in India by his sister, Preeti. This invitation from Preeti was extended after learning that Staci had long wanted to visit India.

Reflect 🤔 that STACI was invited to India, so HOW did Shadonna - the little sister - end up in India at a wedding with Staci? Upon learning of the invitation little sister quickly insisted that she would be a ➕1️⃣

What is ➕1️⃣ or “plus one?” ❔ ➕1️⃣ is a custom in USA where one person is invited to a wedding is permitted to ask another person to join them. Does India even have a ➕1️⃣ system? 🤷

So the big sister gathered the courage to ask Preeti if the little sister could come along to the wedding. 💒 Preeti responded with a warm 💟 welcome and assured Staci 👧🏻 that is was no trouble to bring Shadonna. 👧

… and THAT is how the SISTERS 👧👧🏻 ADVENTURES IN INDIA began!

🛈 To be fair to the little sister 👧 the big sister 👧🏻 really wanted her company too! 💕