Wheels up USA

09 January 2020

Safe travels!

These sisters 👧👧🏻 love 💗 their Momma 👩 and will miss her!

Family 📸click! Saying goodbye and receiving well wishes 🙏🏻for safe travels and lots of adventures!

Uber 🚙 Amy gives the sisters 👧👧🏻 a lift to the Denver International Airport! ✈️

Sisters 👧👧🏻 have been dropped off for checking in at Lufthansa. Yup, Staci is the sister that insists on arriving at the airport early! ⌚

Got Passport? 🛂 Will travel! 🧳

Staci demonstrating to Shadonna WHY we arrive at the airport early. Staci’s bag was selected for detailed inspection 🔍 by the Transportation Security Administration. 🛃

Sisters 👧👧🏻 sharing the last Colorado meal they will have for 2 weeks. 🍔🍟

Wheels up 🛫 Denver International Airport 9 January, 2020 at ⌚ 16:00! Big sister 👧🏻gets the window seat 💺 on the first hop!

Arriving in Germany…

The first leg of the flight is approximately 11 hours. ⏳ Sisters 👧👧🏻 waved 👋 at Abdul, Bianka and the girls as they flew 🛪over London.

Lufthansa had a video camera 📹 so we were able to “watch” our plane land🛬 from underneath!

A 2 hour layover provided plenty of time for stretching our legs 🦵 in the Munich Airport.

A German breakfast🍳 and coffee ☕ is available at the Sissi and Franz restaurant

Staci taking a 📸 with the Emperor 👑 Franz and Empress Elisabeth “Sissi”

This IS a German breakfast! 😋The breads 🥐 were dense and the meat was plenty! 🥓

Arriving in India…

Wheels up 🛫 in Munich! Little sister 👧🏻 gets a turn at the window seat 💺 on the last hop! Approximately 7.5 hours to touchdown 🛬 in Delhi.

Lufthansa served dinner. Looks like a sandwich… was served it with ketchup, so Shadonna squirted it on!

The package label is Soft Dough Paneer Adraki so guessing that means "cheese 🧀 sandwich." 🤷‍♀️

Silence falls over the cabin as our flight map reminds us of the the recent decisions of the USA and Iran leaders that led to the death of so many people near Tehran.

The power 💪of +20 MILLION people. Our first look at Delhi is by lights 💡💡 literally as far as we can see outside of BOTH sides of the plane. 💡💡🛫💡💡

Touchdown 🛬 New Delhi Airport! We left the USA on 9 January 2020 at 16:00 we arrived in India on 11 January 2020 at 00:30. Where did 10 January go? It was missed! 😁

Welcome to India Sisters👧👧🏻!

We are SO excited and take our first click 📷 when we see "Welcome to India" sign!

"Expressive India" is the theme that met us at the Delhi aiport. All classical Indian dance forms and yoga uses mudras [hand gestures]. The mudras have meanings, like a common vocabulary in the hands and fingers. Read about the the hast-mudra on the Delhi Magic blog.

Can’t read Hindi? NO PROBLEM. India has ensured that foreigners understand which washroom🚽 is correct! 🚺🚹

We had a few struggles to find our driver. The first struggle was inside the terminal so we took a click 📷 to demonstrate what WE looked like so he could find us.

The Taxi 🚕 bay is ready to transport! Just outside the terminal door there are HUNDREDS of drivers & family & friends meeting guests. In India - without a ticket 🎫 - a person is NOT allowed into the airport building.

New Delhi Metro Rail Station 🚉 is one of the many ways to be transported to the city. Transportation in Delhi is not unlike any other city, in-fact we learned that in India there are a LOT of ways, like rickshaw, to get around that we have NOT seen used before! 🛺

We were thankful that our driver, Anmol, was able to locate us. It is around 01:30 local time 🕐 and this airport is crowded with people!

The Delhi airport built India’s tallest artificial Christmas 🎄 Tree to welcome visitors to the city. The tree stands at 30 meters (101 feet).

After stopping at the pharmacy to get us some toothpaste🦷Anmol delivered us to the Hotel Signature Grand 🏨 where we would lock 🔒 down for a night of rest. 🛏️

A quick tour of our 🏨 room - our home for the next 5 days - in the Hotel Signature Grand.

The sisters 👧👧🏻 catch some 💤 because they have FINALLY made it to India. Tomorrow, let the adventures begin!